What does it take to get a DMCA complaint around here?

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I've been doing some research and from the look of things, everybody is DMCA happy these days. However, I've not been able to determine when the line is crossed.  As such I have come up with a list of things that could potentially get me a DMCA complaint:

1. Did you know that you can find copyrighted material on the internet? Wait. That is pretty damn obvious. All the major media outlets have websites and post original, copyrighted material. That's probably not going to do it.

2. You can watch FULL EPISODES of Lost and other ABC programming at http://dynamic.abc.go.com/streaming/player

3. Maybe you don't want to copy and paste that URL... Try CLICKING HERE

4. Hmm... they are distributing this content digitally on the web. Damn, they don't have the episode I want to see. Lemme google for lost episode download

5. Ah ha! There's another source: tv.com!

6. Damn, they want me to install iTunes and pay for the episode. That sucks. What's this? I scrolled to the bottom of the page and I find the following Ad:
Get Your TV Series Free
Visit Web Site Waiting For The Next Episode? Watch Any TV Series On Your PC For Free!

7. I CAN get it for free, but still, this site want's me to download and install software. I don't feel comfortable with that. Looks like I need to google for some links to tv shows

8. The second link looks promising. It goes to tv-links.co.uk.

9. Nice! They have a page dedicated to Lost.

10. I think I'll watch the first episode. *

Have I violated any copyrights?  I'm not really sure if I did or when the violation occurred.  I suppose I'll only find out if ABC files a DMCA complaint against me.  If I have, I will gladly let make note of where I crossed the and share the information with everybody.  Help me find out by spreading the word about this little research project of mine.

* I didn't actually view that episode or any other episode of Lost from that website.  I have a few doubts as to the legality of doing so and decided not to chance it.  However, I do not have any specific knowledge in regards to whether or not tv-links.co.uk has been granted permission by ABC to redistribute Lost.

Thank You!

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I just wanted to take the time to give the proverbial "shout out" to the sites that have supported my efforts so far.  Here is a list of the top 10 sites that have linked to me and driven traffic my direction and appear to be more than "re-blogers" with no original content:

Michael Moore Swallows Microphone

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It is a well known fact that Michael Moore is a bit of an attention whore.  He loves to be on camera, and he love it even more when there is a microphone in front of his face so that he can share his wealth of knowledge with the world.  Moore's appetite for attention is surpassed only by his appetite for the finer things in life (a.k.a. food).

What isn't as commonly known, is that these two craving's make Moore a very dangerous man.  He may appear to the untrained eye as a harmless, obese American, but nothing could be further from the truth.  A recent interview with Moore had to be cut short and the reporter rushed to the hospital after his hand was almost completely severed from his arm after Moore voraciously attempted to swallow the mic while the reporter held it up to capture Moore's response.

Doctors have able to fully reattach the hand and a full recovery is expected; unfortunately nothing could be done to save the microphone.  I wanted to hear Moore's perspective, but he refused to make a statement over the phone.  Frankly, I just wasn't brave enough to interview him in person so soon after this horrendous occurrence.


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You got your Goatse on my Caturday!  You got your Caturday in my Goatse!  Two awful concepts that go great together!


Breakdown: A 3D Breakout clone for the iPhone!

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Breakdown is the second game I have created primarily for the iPhone.  For those of you familiar with the games Breakout or Arkanoid, you already have a good idea how it is played.  You can play here:


Breakdown places you at the top of a 3D tunnel.  The back wall of the tunnel is lined with colored tiles.  The goal is to "breakdown" the tiles.


  1. To start the game, simply tap the screen anywhere.  This will launch a ball down the tunnel.  The ball will bounce of the 4 sides of the tunnel, the back wall of the tunnel, and any tiles it come in contact with.
  2. As the ball bounced back towards the screen, you must tap/click the screen where the ball will make contact with the screen.  Once you have tapped/clicked the screen, a circular paddle will fade in and then back out.  If you have tapped/clicked in the right location, the ball will bounce off the paddle and travel back down the tunnel.  If not, you will lose one ball.
  3. Over time, the tiles will slide forward and another set of tiles will appear behind them.  The game play continues as normal, but the ball can bounce of the front and back sides of the tiles.
  4. If you let any tiles advance past the screen, the game will end regardless of if you have any remaining balls.


  1. When the paddle is not locked in position, a ghosted version of it will move around the screen mirroring the horizontal and vertical movement of the ball.  Use this movement to help judge where the ball will make contact with the screen.
  2. There are green lines in the corners of the tunnel that track the balls position relative to it's distance from the screen.  Again, use these as guide to help judge where the ball will make contact with the screen.

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