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Corridor: The first 3D game for the iPhone!

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Corridor is 3D game I created for the iPhone that uses the orientation of the phone and the controls. For those of you who wish to jump right in without reading the boring instructions:

Play Corridor


In Corridor, you are the pilot of a ship traveling through a tunnel at an ever increasing speed.  The goal is to travel as far as possible without crashing.  Along the way you will come across sections of the tunnel that are constricted either horizontally or vertically.  You must rotate the ship so that it will fit through these sections of the tunnel.


  1. If you see protrusions (light grey bars) on the left and right, hold the iPhone in portrait mode.

  2. If you see protrusions (again, light grey bars) on the top and bottom, hold the iPhone in landscape mode.

  3. Do NOT change the orientation of the iPhone while you are in a section with protrusions. This will cause you to crash.

  4. You can now play from a standard web browser (well, sort of). Press the any key on the keyboard to toggle your orientation.



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Li said:

a very nice game,
I have added a link to it from my iPhone games site

Zilva said:

Its a very Cool game

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